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Fundamentals of Energy
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Our Town Microgrid Challenge
Climate Change
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Greenhouse Effect
Energy Efficiency
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Conducting a Classroom Energy Audit
Green Jobs
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Exploring Green Jobs
Green Schools
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Ecological Footprint
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Environmental Literature
Bring a Workshop to Your School
CT Energy Education will come to your school to do a workshop!
If you arrange for a workshop, you or your department can earn $150.
What you and/or your department would need to do:
  • Arrange for the room
  • Recruit teachers at least 10 teacher to attend
    You can draw from just your building, the district, or combine districts
  • Provide some support on the day of the workshop
  • Arrange for CEUs if possible (we would provide the appropriate info and data needed by your CEU coordinator)
  • Remain in touch with us for changes needed

What CT Energy Education would do:

  • Bring all materials
  • Provide snacks
  • Complete info forms/attendance/evaluations needed for CEUs
  • Remain in touch with you about changes

We also suggest the following:

  • Invite high school science teachers—9th grade, general science, environmental science at high school level have the most common interest in the materials
  • Invite your science supervisor(s) and curriculum support administrators
  • For middle school staff, the materials may be used as a strong interdisciplinary unit. If your team has an interest in this, invite all interested core teachers. Lessons in the materials have strong mathematics, social studies, and language arts ties, although the core framework alignment has not been completed in these areas yet.
If you would like to bring CT Energy Education to your school, contact:
Laurel Kohl
Education Specialist
Institute for Sustainable Energy
Eastern Connecticut State University
860.465.0256 or email  KOHLL@easternct.edu