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Cat-Traption explores different forms of energy and transitions between those forms. The lesson ideas link an online animation with worksheets and activities to help students understand energy forms.
Using this lesson in your classroom

After discussing energy transformations in your classroom, have students test their understanding of energy transformations.


Materials include:

  • Cat-Traption - What Happened? Worksheet
which may be used as a homework assignment or in computer lab in conjunction with viewing the animation.
  • Cat - Traption Action Questions Worksheet

which may be used with the online animation or independently.



Extensions of this lesson:


Building Rube Goldberg machines

Adapted from Science in Focus: Energy from Annenberg Media.

Grade Level:
7 - 12
7.1 C 13, C 14
8.1 C23
9.1 D3
D INQ.1, 3, 4, 6
Student Materials
What Happened? Worksheet [157.0 KB]
Action Questions Worksheet [259.5 KB]
Teacher Materials
Cat-traption Lesson [208.5 KB]