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Connecticut and Climate Change

Climate Change will have many affects on the world, including loss of glaciers, rising sea level, species extinctions, habitat changes, changes in storms and rainfall levels. But what will happen here in Connecticut? The US Environmental Protection Agency, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Union of Concerned Scientists have published materials specific to Connecticut which can help teachers and students understand the local affects of this complex issue.
Using this lesson in your classroom
As a part of a conversation in the classroom about Climate Change and its affects, questions often arise about global changes vs. local changes. The reference sheets from US EPA and the National Wildlife Federation and Union of Concerned Scientists can be used as background by students to discuss these changes. Documents from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) are available at http://www.ipcc.ch . The Stern Report on Global Economics issues is also linked here.
Grade Level:
9.7,D19, D20
9.8 D23
9.9 D25, D26
Student Materials
Stern Report (Executive Summary) [310.0 KB]
Union of Concerned Scientists: CT Climate Change [661.9 KB]
Union of Concerned Scientists: Reducing Heat Trapping Emissions in the Northeast [1,466.2 KB]
Union of Concerned Scientists: Changing Northeast Climate [1,121.0 KB]
Connecticut Climate Change Resource List [0.0 KB]
US EPA Climate Change and Connecticut (1997) [404.4 KB]
US EPA Climate Change and Public Lands (1999) [1,541.0 KB]
National Wildlife Federation: Global Warming and CT [120.9 KB]
National Wildlife Federation: State and Local Programs [215.9 KB]
Connecticut Energy Profile (2007) [0.0 KB]
Teacher Materials
Connecticut and Climate Change Lesson [0.0 KB]