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Exploring Green Jobs

Green jobs include those that preserve and improve the environment, reduce waste and energy use, and employ advanced energy efficient technologies. These jobs are found in the energy and technology sectors, the typical “STEM” areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as in business, industry, and policy fields. They are career opportunities capable of supporting a family's income, with potential for advancement.
Using this lesson in your classroom


Using this lesson, students will take a Myers-Briggs type inventory of their personality type to start to understand what jobs might suit their personal styles.
Students will use two online tools to find a career suited to their skills and intersts and then select a career in the green collar job workforce using O*NET's interest profiler.
From information provided by the online tools students will look at different Green Jobs to explore possible careers.
Materials Included:
Lesson Plan with activity and links to online career tools.
Grade Level:
Teacher Materials
Green Jobs Lesson Plan (250.0 KB)
Green Jobs Handout (243.5 KB)