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Conducting a Classroom Energy Audit

This lesson is designed to be used as an overview format which teachers can use to help students understand components of energy efficiency within their classrooms and schools. The unit is split into categories including classroom envelope, classroom energy use, heating and cooling, lighting and controls, and energy efficient classroom examples.
Using this lesson in your classroom
Each section of the classroom audit has been designed to introduce students to areas of energy efficiency that might not have been previously explored.
Materials Include:
Lesson Plan with PowerPoint slide notes and extension activities.
PowerPoint with notes slides for energy audit overview
Observation Checklist for students to use when investigating their classroom.
Grade Level:
  • CT Science 9.1 D2, 9.2 D5. CT Mathematics 4.1 Grades 5-12 working with data - Collect, organize and display data using approapriate statistical and graphical methods.
Teacher Materials
Energy Audit PowerPoint (3,706.5 KB)
Lighting ppt (3,603.0 KB)
Building Envelope ppt (2,893.5 KB)