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Fundamentals of Energy
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Our Town Microgrid Challenge
Climate Change
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Greenhouse Effect
Energy Efficiency
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Conducting a Classroom Energy Audit
Green Jobs
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Exploring Green Jobs
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Ecological Footprint
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Upcoming Workshops



Upcoming Workshops and Presentations


Canít find a workshop near you or at a time you can attend?

We can come to you!

Institute for Sustainable Energy will present
Connecticut Energy Education Teacher Workshops
to groups of 10 or more teachers anywhere in Connecticut.
A stipend of $150 will be provided to teachers
who arrange date, location, recruit participants.

Workshop Information

  • Making your school, campus, or community a more sustainable place is just 12 steps away. Challenge your students to find their own solutions within an easy framework.
  • Discuss Ways to Encourage Your Students to Develop Energy Solutions
  • Receive Lessons to Support Strands I and III of the 9th Grade Science FrameworkParticipants will receive a standards based curriculum with classroom lessons included.AUDIENCE: High School Science Educators, Supervisors and Administrators
  • Learn about Connecticut Energy Issues (Energy Embedded Task)
  • Learn about free resources available to meet the Grade 9 Science Framework, and teaching about energy issues in Connecticut.
  • Connecticut Energy Education provides information, lessons, labs and activities based on concepts as The Fundamentals of Energy, Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. CT Energy Education lessons are aligned with the Connecticut Grade 9 Science Frameworks, although many apply to students from 5th grade through college. Lessons and material include an emphasis on Connecticut's energy issues and student solutions. This workshop will include participation in activities and lessons that support Strands I and III of the 9th grade Science Framework. For middle school staff, the materials may be used as a strong interdisciplinary unit. All participants will receive a standards-based curriculum with classroom lessons included.